Geopolitics in Middle East: What is the most important insight?

Still in development!

The corporatist empire wants to own the global water cycle and carbon cycle!

Understanding climate control is the duty of every human being, as it has a global impact and not a single creature can escape it!

We are living in the future of the research and military application of the 1940s during 2. World War and the research and civil usage of the 1950s, as well as the planning of global roll out since 1960.

The following memorandum is the screenplay of the current orchestration..

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

Original source:

How the Geoengineering Scam began in 1965! LBJ JFK

Original document, short version:

Original document, complete version: or here!

More other articles are linked there, explaining the seemingly complex topic from various aspects.

I want also to explain, why so many people fail to understand this although they believe to be informed and carefully inspect other cases.

These people only think on the ground, in 2 dimensions and don’t have the perspective, required knowledge and large-scale imagination, which are required for thinking in 3 dimension, to be able to comprehend the climate control.

To all readers, which have reached up to this lines!

Nothing can be hidden, nothing is secret. All climate control is running in front of bare sight. The sky above Your heads as well es the live satellite imagery is accessible for anyone. You need only a few basics of physics, meteorology and nephology to understand the process. Here are some helping articles.


Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (Chemtrails) Desublimation Condensation (zur Zeit nur auf Englisch)

Sublimation, Desublimation! (zur Zeit nur auf Englisch)

May the sad events in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Haiti, New Zeeland, Japan etc. open the mind of all people, that they realize, what they can already see with bare sight.

The war on global water cycle and carbon cycle cannot be won in Syria alone. This war is mainly on our minds, our self perception and knowledge. After becoming aware we only need to say NO, for stopping the ongoing crime.

“River of hail” in Saudi Arabia!

This Is Why It’s Illegal to Collect Rainwater in Some States

Alex Daniel  11/16/2018


The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

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From the same series, please check also following parts:

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The whole topic of Geophysical Warfare and Geoengineering cannot be explained in a single article or a few ones. Please read on, connect the dots and get the full picture and understanding. Most of my articles are also published on VeteransToday, please look here for them:

License of Enkidu Gilgamesh – Sharing is Caring!

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