Geopolitics in Middle East: What are the consequences for Europe?

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The Europeans don’t depend on Petrodollar.

They don’t need to care about, if the fuel is transported by Russian, Turkish, Iraqi-Iranian, Algerian or any other pipeline to Europe. These suppliers are all ready to sell all their products in Euros, without any involvement of the Dollar. Hence, the war in the Middle East is not in the interest of EU.

In contrast, the USA urgently need to weaken Russia, Iran and China and keeping and extending the total dependency of EU and the Gulf-Arabs, to remain the main imperial center. Or from the imperial perspective, the empire cannot leave the USA and define a better global center for itself. Consider that none of the mentioned pipelines can reach the USA!

Factually the whole imperial strategy to cling on power, since the declaration of the War on Terror in 2001, has failed by missing success in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc…

New Study: US Economy Actually About to Sink 
Risking WWIII, catastrophic economic prospects push the desperate US regime in a crazed hurry to attempt the establishment of an absolute world hegemony
Jon Hellevig Apr 15, 2018

The Europeans have to rethink the sense of destroying Turkey, similar to Syria and force the population into a civil war, who will seek refuge in Europe. Are the Europeans ready for about 20 million or more refugees from Turkey and also to import the civil war?

Russia and Iran never will allow Turkey to disappear as a state, save it like they saved Syria and support Turkey, because they clearly know that the domino chain is rolling into their direction.

Weird coalition of united enemies! Domino effect!

The population of Turkey, including the Kurds, is not ready to destroy the Republic of Turkey for a state of Kurdistan at the south-east. More Kurds live in other parts of Turkey than in the region of Kurdistan. All people in Turkey are mixed, married and friended across the lines of language and religious confession. Centuries old connections from the Ottoman Empire and the era of the Republic bind all the people to their common state.

The Germans and Europeans should not persecute in Hollywood frame Mr. Erdogan as the next declared bad guy, but calculate based on facts, statehood, geopolitics and own interests.

Turkey needs the cooperation with the EU, but because of some adhesion contracts with NATO and EU it has not yet displayed its full geopolitical clout. With the growing weakness of the EU and USA and their obvious actions to damage the interests of Republic of Turkey, even attempting to eliminate its existence as a state, compel Turkey to realize and develop own military, economic and cooperative alternatives, which are unequally bigger than of all EU member states.

For now the government of Turkey follows the optimal way between the constraining borders. Meanwhile the house of cards of NATO and EU is noticeably shaking.

Even Turkey and Europe, as imperial vassals belonging to the attack pack, are defended by the resistance of Syrian army, people and administration, because Turkey is next in the row and Europe will follow.

Read it from imperial lips:

George Friedman (Stratfor): “Europe – Destined for Conflict?” (Feb 3rd, 2015)

Learn from his deep insight!

George Friedman: “Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe” | Talks at Google

Please get a deeper and wider perspective on the geopolitical value of water by researching “climate control“.

This image from a collection of a friend.

Coordinates of water theft!

Poor & rich on water!

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The whole topic of Geophysical Warfare and Geoengineering cannot be explained in a single article or a few ones. Please read on, connect the dots and get the full picture and understanding. Most of my articles are also published on VeteransToday, please look here for them:

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