Distraction by fake sciences, fake media, fake heroes and wrong solutions! Part 3


  1. Always a spatial distraction
  2. Some words on Wilhelm Reich
  3. Chembuster scam
  4. Orgonists gamble with risk
  5. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes
  6. Distraction as main tool of fraud
  7. Pseudo-Scientific scam
  8. Distraction for exploitation

6. Distraction as main tool of fraud

If the fraud cannot be hidden from eyes, it has to be hidden from minds.

Geoengineering cannot be hidden from eyes, because all water grabbing is done within the troposphere, where everyone with normal sight can observe it, like all passenger jets are observable.

The fine particulate matter is spread by aircraft marked as passenger jets, whether or not carrying any passengers. At the beginning of the mission, silver-colored aircraft were used without marking, but that is no longer needed. Virtually all companies have been forced to participate through the competitive pressure of low-cost airlines and fuel prices.

SRM chemtrails make aviation very dangerous! Aerotoxicsyndrome !

The effects of climate control are also visible on the ground. After all, the water must eventually come down, where the paying receivers are located and need the water urgently and continually in order to operate industrial agriculture and fracking of oil and gas in desert regions.

Coordinates of WATER THEFT!

The imagination is limited by the extend of the knowledge!

Fake knowledge distracts imagination!

The heavy, omnipresent distraction prevents the victims from seeing with their minds.

7. Pseudo-Scientific scam

This big scam is traded as science, because science is the last corner of trust! Nearly nobody would trust a priest, politician or journalist, but the world of science is not mistrusted. Its methods, results, claims and alleged insights are not questioned!

The legacy religious institutions, even the Roman Catholic Pope are weak and naive enough to submit themselves under this fake religious scam and expose their own beliefs as totally baseless and useless. They even gawk after this new indulgence trade about CO2 taxes and certificates!

Climatology church! Designed like a religion, worse than the Mafia!

Most macabre is the morbidity of the science community, where its members are exposing themselves as the dumbest people on our planet. They are like the religious clergy, whose power comes from rituals and hierarchy, not from knowledge and evidence.

The “scientists” are easy to capture, divert and subjugate by the biggest fraud, the biggest finance bubble and biggest attack on all life. It is hard to describe these people as scientists. They need a new name. I propose “academic idiots” if they are naive and “scientiputas” if they are selling their soul for money.

But we do not want to spill the child with the bathwater, because there are also people with backbone who fight for science, even if they cannot overlook the large picture and can not answer, if and why climate control is operated.

For example Dr. Don Easterbrook has revealed almost all the lies of the Climatism and delivered the real data during a public hearing.

Moreover, in the US alone, more than 31,000 scientists have resisted Climatism, but in vain, because in individual cases, they have to expect the loss of their contract, the termination of their jobs and blockage their their careers and the mass media keeps silence on them.

Real scientists say NO ACCGW!

If You really want to know how fake and distracting the story about “globalwarming” and “greenhouse effect” by CO2 is, please read following article. I couldn’t put all required knowledge into a few paragraphs here.

FAQ about CO2!

Similar to Wilhelm Reich, the legacy of one of the greatest researchers and inventors of the 20th Century is abused, namely of Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk is personally the operator of a billion-heavy snowball system and names his company Tesla. His fraud program is swallowing about $ 700 million a year. Not even his hair is real, but the propaganda cheers him like a saint.

Nikola Tesla’s visions for wireless data transmission have been largely implemented, but he also wanted to abuse the atmosphere as a current generator. We don’t know, weather he considered life in a battery as desirable. Anyhow, his name is used to trade distractions and pyramid schemes like “free energy” and “electromobility”.

ClimateControl is the real business of ElonMusk. Everything is part of the VacuumElonScheme!

Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble!

Please read the following article. You will find a copy on VeteransToday.com:

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!
or here:

Please connect the dots! ClimateControl -> Fracking -> Atombomb -> earthquake & tsunami

Consider that fracking always means nuclear bombing of the underground!


8. Distraction for exploitation

Distraction is always made for exploitation!

It is like with the pickpockets, one hand draws attention, the other hand fishes the purse from Your pocket.

While US propaganda directs Iranian and global attention to Iran’s non-existent “nuclear program,” US corporations are looting natural gas from Qatar’s joint gas field with Iran by nuclear fracking!

Why Iran needs the atom-bombs? Not for war or deterrence, but for FRACKING!

While the military arsenal at the east-front is growing year by year, to prepare the Europeans to be burned in a conflict against Russia, for grabbing the natural treasures of Eurasia, the Europeans are fear-mongered, entertained and distracted by staged poisoning attacks, like in the Skripal case.

While all attention is fixed on “climate change”, the perpetrators of the climate control are robbing the global water cycle, carbon cycle, sunlight, air and soil.

While people in the western countries are brainwashed with fake organic food, the food industry has grown immensely in the deserts of USA, Australia and Arabia!

etc. etc.

But why are the people so easily distracted?

Is not every human her/himself responsible for own dumbification?

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