Distraction by fake sciences, fake media, fake heroes and wrong solutions! Part 2


    1. Always a spatial distraction


  1. Some words on Wilhelm Reich
  2. Chembuster scam
  3. Orgonists gamble with risk
  4. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes
  5. Distraction as main tool of fraud
  6. Pseudo-Scientific scam
  7. Distraction for exploitation

4. Orgonists gamble with risks!

If the Orgonists could actually build a powerful device that drilled a hole into the HAARP framework, then they are not aware of its possible dangerous impact, they could trigger for themselves and others.

Ultimately, they do nothing but HAARP for the poor, but unchecked, and could thus cause extreme weather events such as directed lightning and dangerous rainfall, which can harm people, nature and property. Nobody should be surprised when the operators of the HAARP system or even the police are looking for such antennas and confiscating the devices in case of imminent danger. With the coming climate laws, even criminal prosecution and civil compensation claims have to be expected.

Consequently, Orgonists are acting with particularly stupid criminal energy.

Orgonists, stay away from real antennas. If you build toys without any effect, then you can keep on playing. I hope those who make business with Orgone antennas are smart enough not to let the madman get any real energy emitters. Otherwise, they will have to be punished just as the stupid offenders for facilitating criminal acts.

5. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes

The global fraud machinery uses crisis actors for its fake media, which has been caught inflagranti because the same actors have appeared at several crisis sites, with modified masks, but easily recognizable.


Our specially trained professional role-play actors and internationally credited film crews bring realistic, informed, crisis management and disaster incidents to life. as a company we use state of the art uk and Australian film crafts, tricks and skills for live training that requires hyper real battlefield effects, role players, stunts, medical simulations and combat flashpoints.

At Boston Marathon Attack, the crisis director was none other than Steven Spielberg.

During the rampage at the Sandy Hook School, the well-known Hollywood actor David Wheeler played two roles, namely as a member of the SWAT team and as the father of a death victim.

The list of crisis actors can be extended indefinitely, but such frauds are only possible if a dominant fake media exists and if the mass of the population perceives their staging as real “news”.

But what about the alternative or rather the fake alternative media?

Alternative media needs alternative heroes to spread the alleged truth against the system.

So Noam Chomsky with his slimy-gentle voice is an “authority” whom others follow. Naomi Klein is a left-wing, almost socialist person who is constantly criticizing capitalism. Both play the crisis actor roles of “academic alternative”.

In German-speaking countries the star of “Dr.” Daniele Ganser from Switzerland is rising. He wants to cling to Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein to get into their league of crisis actors.

At KenFm and Rubikon, Mr. Ganser is publishing very often. He sits on the Advisory Board of Rubikon and the alternative political magazine advertises with his face. But the alternative media and their heroes are system-installed fake alternatives and fake heroes.

They are easily recognizable by the fact that they “moralize” in the sense of the propaganda for climate control and even promote under the provision of false solutions the legalization and implementation of climate control.

At KenFM, I was locked out because of my critique on the systematic promotion of climate control. My multiple request to be allowed to publish on KenFM for explaining climate control, were not answered.

Rubicon has not responded to my multiple attempts of communication and my request to publish there. Why, this is very clear viewing its publications on “climate change”. A search on Google reveals the main occupation of Rubikon.

More about that can be read in follwing articles.

Fake authority! Science actors!

In German: Daniele Ganser, Sprachrohr der falschen Alternative | Lücken und Lügenpresse | Klimakontrolle

In German: Kritik an Mathias Broeckers. | Interview bei KenFM. | Die falsche Alternative.

For promoting climate control, the mafia doesn’t want to risk engaging real scientists. Hollywood figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and other less famous and less expensive ones are used to play the role of “science guys” and moralists.

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