Distraction by fake sciences, fake media, fake heroes and wrong solutions! Part 3


  1. Always a spatial distraction
  2. Some words on Wilhelm Reich
  3. Chembuster scam
  4. Orgonists gamble with risk
  5. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes
  6. Distraction as main tool of fraud
  7. Pseudo-Scientific scam
  8. Distraction for exploitation

6. Distraction as main tool of fraud

If the fraud cannot be hidden from eyes, it has to be hidden from minds.

Geoengineering cannot be hidden from eyes, because all water grabbing is done within the troposphere, where everyone with normal sight can observe it, like all passenger jets are observable.

The fine particulate matter is spread by aircraft marked as passenger jets, whether or not carrying any passengers. At the beginning of the mission, silver-colored aircraft were used without marking, but that is no longer needed. Virtually all companies have been forced to participate through the competitive pressure of low-cost airlines and fuel prices.

SRM chemtrails make aviation very dangerous! Aerotoxicsyndrome !

The effects of climate control are also visible on the ground. After all, the water must eventually come down, where the paying receivers are located and need the water urgently and continually in order to operate industrial agriculture and fracking of oil and gas in desert regions.

Coordinates of WATER THEFT!

The imagination is limited by the extend of the knowledge!

Fake knowledge distracts imagination!

The heavy, omnipresent distraction prevents the victims from seeing with their minds.

7. Pseudo-Scientific scam

This big scam is traded as science, because science is the last corner of trust! Nearly nobody would trust a priest, politician or journalist, but the world of science is not mistrusted. Its methods, results, claims and alleged insights are not questioned!

The legacy religious institutions, even the Roman Catholic Pope are weak and naive enough to submit themselves under this fake religious scam and expose their own beliefs as totally baseless and useless. They even gawk after this new indulgence trade about CO2 taxes and certificates!

Climatology church! Designed like a religion, worse than the Mafia!

Most macabre is the morbidity of the science community, where its members are exposing themselves as the dumbest people on our planet. They are like the religious clergy, whose power comes from rituals and hierarchy, not from knowledge and evidence.

The “scientists” are easy to capture, divert and subjugate by the biggest fraud, the biggest finance bubble and biggest attack on all life. It is hard to describe these people as scientists. They need a new name. I propose “academic idiots” if they are naive and “scientiputas” if they are selling their soul for money.

But we do not want to spill the child with the bathwater, because there are also people with backbone who fight for science, even if they cannot overlook the large picture and can not answer, if and why climate control is operated.

For example Dr. Don Easterbrook has revealed almost all the lies of the Climatism and delivered the real data during a public hearing.

Moreover, in the US alone, more than 31,000 scientists have resisted Climatism, but in vain, because in individual cases, they have to expect the loss of their contract, the termination of their jobs and blockage their their careers and the mass media keeps silence on them.

Real scientists say NO ACCGW!

If You really want to know how fake and distracting the story about “globalwarming” and “greenhouse effect” by CO2 is, please read following article. I couldn’t put all required knowledge into a few paragraphs here.

FAQ about CO2!

Similar to Wilhelm Reich, the legacy of one of the greatest researchers and inventors of the 20th Century is abused, namely of Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk is personally the operator of a billion-heavy snowball system and names his company Tesla. His fraud program is swallowing about $ 700 million a year. Not even his hair is real, but the propaganda cheers him like a saint.

Nikola Tesla’s visions for wireless data transmission have been largely implemented, but he also wanted to abuse the atmosphere as a current generator. We don’t know, weather he considered life in a battery as desirable. Anyhow, his name is used to trade distractions and pyramid schemes like “free energy” and “electromobility”.

ClimateControl is the real business of ElonMusk. Everything is part of the VacuumElonScheme!

Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble!

Please read the following article. You will find a copy on VeteransToday.com:

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!
or here:

Please connect the dots! ClimateControl -> Fracking -> Atombomb -> earthquake & tsunami

Consider that fracking always means nuclear bombing of the underground!


8. Distraction for exploitation

Distraction is always made for exploitation!

It is like with the pickpockets, one hand draws attention, the other hand fishes the purse from Your pocket.

While US propaganda directs Iranian and global attention to Iran’s non-existent “nuclear program,” US corporations are looting natural gas from Qatar’s joint gas field with Iran by nuclear fracking!

Why Iran needs the atom-bombs? Not for war or deterrence, but for FRACKING!

While the military arsenal at the east-front is growing year by year, to prepare the Europeans to be burned in a conflict against Russia, for grabbing the natural treasures of Eurasia, the Europeans are fear-mongered, entertained and distracted by staged poisoning attacks, like in the Skripal case.

While all attention is fixed on “climate change”, the perpetrators of the climate control are robbing the global water cycle, carbon cycle, sunlight, air and soil.

While people in the western countries are brainwashed with fake organic food, the food industry has grown immensely in the deserts of USA, Australia and Arabia!

etc. etc.

But why are the people so easily distracted?

Is not every human her/himself responsible for own dumbification?

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Distraction by fake sciences, fake media, fake heroes and wrong solutions! Part 2


    1. Always a spatial distraction


  1. Some words on Wilhelm Reich
  2. Chembuster scam
  3. Orgonists gamble with risk
  4. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes
  5. Distraction as main tool of fraud
  6. Pseudo-Scientific scam
  7. Distraction for exploitation

4. Orgonists gamble with risks!

If the Orgonists could actually build a powerful device that drilled a hole into the HAARP framework, then they are not aware of its possible dangerous impact, they could trigger for themselves and others.

Ultimately, they do nothing but HAARP for the poor, but unchecked, and could thus cause extreme weather events such as directed lightning and dangerous rainfall, which can harm people, nature and property. Nobody should be surprised when the operators of the HAARP system or even the police are looking for such antennas and confiscating the devices in case of imminent danger. With the coming climate laws, even criminal prosecution and civil compensation claims have to be expected.

Consequently, Orgonists are acting with particularly stupid criminal energy.

Orgonists, stay away from real antennas. If you build toys without any effect, then you can keep on playing. I hope those who make business with Orgone antennas are smart enough not to let the madman get any real energy emitters. Otherwise, they will have to be punished just as the stupid offenders for facilitating criminal acts.

5. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes

The global fraud machinery uses crisis actors for its fake media, which has been caught inflagranti because the same actors have appeared at several crisis sites, with modified masks, but easily recognizable.


Our specially trained professional role-play actors and internationally credited film crews bring realistic, informed, crisis management and disaster incidents to life. as a company we use state of the art uk and Australian film crafts, tricks and skills for live training that requires hyper real battlefield effects, role players, stunts, medical simulations and combat flashpoints.

At Boston Marathon Attack, the crisis director was none other than Steven Spielberg.

During the rampage at the Sandy Hook School, the well-known Hollywood actor David Wheeler played two roles, namely as a member of the SWAT team and as the father of a death victim.

The list of crisis actors can be extended indefinitely, but such frauds are only possible if a dominant fake media exists and if the mass of the population perceives their staging as real “news”.

But what about the alternative or rather the fake alternative media?

Alternative media needs alternative heroes to spread the alleged truth against the system.

So Noam Chomsky with his slimy-gentle voice is an “authority” whom others follow. Naomi Klein is a left-wing, almost socialist person who is constantly criticizing capitalism. Both play the crisis actor roles of “academic alternative”.

In German-speaking countries the star of “Dr.” Daniele Ganser from Switzerland is rising. He wants to cling to Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein to get into their league of crisis actors.

At KenFm and Rubikon, Mr. Ganser is publishing very often. He sits on the Advisory Board of Rubikon and the alternative political magazine advertises with his face. But the alternative media and their heroes are system-installed fake alternatives and fake heroes.

They are easily recognizable by the fact that they “moralize” in the sense of the propaganda for climate control and even promote under the provision of false solutions the legalization and implementation of climate control.

At KenFM, I was locked out because of my critique on the systematic promotion of climate control. My multiple request to be allowed to publish on KenFM for explaining climate control, were not answered.

Rubicon has not responded to my multiple attempts of communication and my request to publish there. Why, this is very clear viewing its publications on “climate change”. A search on Google reveals the main occupation of Rubikon.

More about that can be read in follwing articles.

Fake authority! Science actors!

In German: Daniele Ganser, Sprachrohr der falschen Alternative | Lücken und Lügenpresse | Klimakontrolle

In German: Kritik an Mathias Broeckers. | Interview bei KenFM. | Die falsche Alternative.

For promoting climate control, the mafia doesn’t want to risk engaging real scientists. Hollywood figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and other less famous and less expensive ones are used to play the role of “science guys” and moralists.

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Altitudes and method of SRM Chemtrails Lift, the artificial Pinatubo-Effect. Recalling memory and truth by historic pictures.


  1. How the Chemtrails Lift works!
  2. Historic pictures

Please after reading this article, read also the other articles about climate control, which are published also on VeteransToday.com to get the full explanation and understanding of this big and very important topic or go to the Geoarchitektur-Blog, where You find most of them also in German. This article will be kept as short as possible.

1. How the Chemtrails Lift works!

There are specific altitudes, which should be remembered observing the the sky and the clouds. In this examples here are based on the conditions and height within the Temperate Climate Zone, which applies for the most part of USA and Europe.

  1. At zero level begins the Troposphere.
  2. At about 2000 mete begins the buildup of natural thermal clouds, also named Cumulus.
  3. At about 6000 meter is the Cirrus border, which means that ice clouds can be formed, if fine dust particles are available within this layer. The temperature here is about -35°C.
  4. At about 8,000 meters is the upper border of all thermal clouds. Such rising ones are named Cumulonimbus.
  5. At about 11,000 meters, is the upper border of the Troposphere.
  6. Nearly all atmospheric water (99%) exists within the limits of the Troposphere.
  7. About 80% of all air mass also exists within the Troposphere.
  8. The Tropopause begins above the Troposphere and ends at about 20,000 meters, where the Stratosphere begins.
  9. The optimum flight level for airplanes is between 9km and 11km. They fly high to prevent glaciation by desublimation of air humidity in lower levels with higher humidity rates.

Please look at this small animation and observe the skies by Yourself. You will find all indications, listed and shown in this and other articles about SRM (Pinatubo-Effect) for climate control.

Here You see how the separate levels of the SRM covers actually look during implementation. The lower cover is already saturated with humidity, builds flat Stratus like clouds and above the next SRM cover, currently webbed with fresh chemtrails.

July 2015, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2. Historic pictures

Following historic pictures were not taken intentionally. A friend detected them in his archive, when we began talking about chemtrails.

05.04.2001, Nürburgring in Germany.
05.04.2001, Nürburgring in Germany.

Do You have also historic pictures with or without chemtrails? The SRM chemtrails project begins, according to current knowledge in the year 1996. First experiences with toxic fumes have been reported 1998. Do You know earlier and more cases? Before 1996 no chemtrails should have been known in the sky, at least before 1990 nothing of that scale in Europe.

From the Film “Natural Born Killers” in 1994!

Rediscover Your memory about the clean sky , keep up awareness! You may ignore the other content of following films, observe only the sky with clouds!

Chemtrails are only visible if the color effects are part of the air show!

Don’t be conditioned!

There is no being without consciousness!

Please read also other articles of this blog to study the all explained aspects of geophysical warfare and commercial climate control.


Build the Conveyor-Belt of water by connection the dots of evidence!


  1. Dots of evidence
  2. Conveyor Belt of Hell

Please after reading this article, read also the other articles about climate control, which are published also on VeteransToday.com to get the full explanation and understanding of this big and very important topic. This article will be kept as short as possible.

1. Dots of Evidence

Strategy is an art of broad view, vision and the combination of possibilities.

Why some events occur within the same time frame?

Who cannot see the big chessboard is occupied with single events and is walking into dead ends.

Russia urges UN climate report to include geoengineering
The Russian government is asking for ‘planet hacking’ to be included in the climate science report, leaked documents show
Martin Lukacs, Suzanne Ooldenberg and Adam Vaughan Thu 19 Sep 2013 17.00 BST

“Russia is pushing for next week’s landmark UN climate science report to include support for controversial technologies to geoengineer the planet’s climate, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.”

“As climate scientists prepare to gather for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Stockholm to present the most authoritative state of climate science to date, it has emerged the Russian government is asking for “planet hacking” to be included in the report. The IPCC has not included geoengineering in its major assessments before.”

Reading that from The Guardian, the prime propaganda whore of the climate control mafia, may be more fakenews than truth, but it shows the intention of the perpetrators. They don’t want to admit their crimes, the dirty job of telling the the truth is loaded on Russia.

Why is the “operator” of ephemeral conveyor belt, which has to be patched daily and rebuild weekly, not willing to announce and is escaping into lies, fraud and cheap propaganda?

The answer is very simple! Who is living in a building of lies, for him the truth is an earthquake.

The inevitable error at the beginning was the engagement of promotion companies as professional liars, because the making and the aftermath were not conceivable and in the past targets were reached with professionally marketed lies – at least the dabblers believed that.

Which were the handicaps?

The existence of still “independent” national states with parliamentary “democracies”.

  1. The international system of law.
  2. The particular national law (constitution, law of competition, low of trade, penal law and civil law etc.).
  3. The national air surveillance.
  4. The development of a aviation fleet for chemtrail.
  5. The development of a climacontroll-infrastructure.
  6. Non-reachable acceptance by the population under public questioning.
  7. The expectable suing because of economic and health damages.

From this point of view the imperial companies had no other choice, but inventing one lie after another, because every lie required next ten others, to cover the first lies.

A lot of footlickers, lackeys, believers had to be fed, a lot of climate conferences organized, some terrorists engaged to push the agenda, a lot of sheeple kept calm and a lot of resisting scientists chased down.

And the Russians want to discuss it in the public 🙂 🙂 This is worse then the integration of the Crimea. At this point we should have “pity” with the Bankster Pervert Empire of Deception (BPED).

Don Easterbrook, a scientist without any doubt of his integrity says, that everything about anthropogenic climate change is, according to hard data, a bunch of lies, that even historically noted temperatures were forged.

Bravely humiliating the dirty empire!

Thank You Mr. Easterbrook, we need to kick down this already falling empire, because the geoengineering is poisoning my air, stealing my water and sunlight. Dear reader the same applies for You! You don’t live under a different atmosphere!

2. Conveyor Belt of Hell


The conveyor belt works globally, across oceans, continents and climate cells. The delivery of water to Arabia starts at the Pacific Ocean. To saturate the Polar Jetstream the tropospheric water moved across the North American continent, into the European wind streams, supported by SRM and HAARP, it is moved down to North Africa and Arabia. Even the ozone layer is eliminated, to generate more solar energy for the climate control!

Sure, water is also delivered to industrial desert farming in the USA, Latin America, Australia, Africa and Asia, but Arabia has a very important share within this framework and Russia remains the main long term target of the assault.

Why? Because with fracking Arabia keeps its position as the main producer of petrol. The Arabian Peninsula is the region with the biggest reserves of petrol and gas but without full access on Russian water reserves and its airspace the water transport for the global climate control cannot be fully implemented.

See how the water is lifted and moved over central Europe!

Look how the water is pulled down from the artificially created and moved aerosol clouds, when reaching the target region, in that case Arabia!

If You would like to see more evidence, here are some collections of water delivery to Arabia and elsewhere.

Auxiliary spillway? Arabian soil washed away!

ELEPHANT in the room is SRM for water theft! Extreme weather!

It is a complicated topic which requires a lot of knowledge. Please take Your time and read all articles, one after another, take a break for thinking and researching in between.

Sea mammals are dying by suffocation and the destruction of their habitat by nuclear fracking and hyper-sonar!


  1. Thinking together
  2. Four reasons of death
  3. Suffocation by TAI!
  4. Criminal stupidity!
  5. Proceedings of the Seismic and Marine Mammals Workshop London 23-25 June 1998

1. Thinking together

The people are used to consume these films, like they feed themselves from McDumb and friends, as all mainstream channels are offering nothing else.
Now I ask you to imagine something that comes close to reality.

As You should all know, the sea mammals are breathing with their lungs, like all mammals on land. They normally swim at the surface of the ocean and breath regularly whenever they come up.  To make this easy, their nose has moved to the back of their head and the nostrils can be closed deliberately.

Please imagine You were a surfer, swimming away to wait for some waves on a calm day. You would find a group of whales feeding on a swarm of fish.  Strangely all fish would be dead or dazed, but they seem to be fresh enough for the whales to eat them. The circumstance of the motionless fish swarm makes you a bit perplexed, but you can not explain the reason right away and do not think about it any further. Distracted by this marvelous sea mammals You would ignore the dead fish swarm.

Suddenly you get a feeling of suffocation, although there is nothing to see or smell. Spontaneously You swim towards the beach, but the feeling of suffocation gets even stronger, causing You to panic and swim faster.

What you did not realize at first, the whales also seek their salvation on the beach. With the last strength and half-numbed You and the whales are flushed ashore with the thrust of the waves. You are stranded, along with about 30 marine mammals.

People come quickly and try to help. For You an ambulance is called. You get saturated air with extra oxygen and feel better in a short time, so that You no longer need the ambulant care and rush to the beach to help out.

You see how completely disoriented people try to push the whales back into the water. Where they manage, the whales come back to the beach. Some animals are already so battered that they are dying.

Then You run from one to the other and try to explain to them that the whales have escaped from suffocation, and there is no breathing air out there. They should leave the animals alone and make sure that someone looks for the cause.

You tell people that millions of fish are out there suffocated to death and that they too will soon be washed up.However, there are some representatives as “experts” of well-known NGOs walking around, including those with degrees and titles in environmental protection and marine biology, and encourage people to push the animals into the water again and again.

Nobody is listening to You. So You can desperately watch only the absurd scenery.Why do millions and if we count the small animals billions of sea creatures suffocate?Why do the algae of the coral and shells disappear, after which the latter bleach by losing their colored algae,  starve and suffocate to death?

Why are there temporary oxygen-free death zones in the sea?

Why is that followed by a catastrophic algal blooms?

What was changed so dramatically in the oceans for a few decades and how was that done?

2. Four reasons of death

    1. Weakening of photosynthesis because of reduction of sunlight by application of “Solar Radiation Managent ” (SRM) with “Troposheric Aerosol Injection” (TAI).
    2. Nucleare explosions in the underground of the ocean for fracturing of the oil and gas bearing rock formations, as preparation for the extraction of mineral oil and gas by pressing water into it.
    3. Military sonar for satellite communication and for detection of enemy ships and submarines.
    4. Lifting of water by buildup of artificial waterspoutstornadoes and storms by using directed energy devices (weapons).

You are not aware of the existence of these applications and the associated terms?

Why not?

All this affects you too!

It’s your sunlight, your air, your water that’s being abused for all of this, even if you do not mind the dead fish, crabs, shells, algae, corals, and marine mammals. The atmosphere is the aquarium where we live and breathe and we breathe all the dirt. If the oxygen is not enough, then we all suffocate, people like the other animals.

Do you know the term “global commons“? It stands for the naturally free goods, for examle sunlight, breathing air, rainwater!

Look, pseudo-scientific robber institutes are taking care to wrest these freedoms from us.

Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) gGmbH

Our vision
We seek a world in which democracies openly discuss (deliberatively) and make well-informed decisions about global common goods and their sustainable use. This ensures that generations will receive fair access to these goods today and in the future.”
The message sounds good, but are these goods already scarce, that their distribution must be “decided“. Is “fair access” to these goods no longer “secured“?

Who could forbid You to breathe, to collect rainwater and to sunbathe?

Do you need to buy papers for water rights, air rights and sunlight rights soon? Not yet, at least not official, but you are already denied access. If you are not yet aware of this, then you will feel it with the legalization of climate control as a result of the legal implementation of the global Climate (Control) Agreement.

In all four cases, these are crimes with planning and announcement. Nothing is veiled, nothing is incomprehensible. The whole crime is running in front of everyone, but the minds are confused and blinded. So the lie is declared truth and the truth to be a conspiracy theory.

Please follow the linked articles to find out more about all four hazards. Regarding the effects on marine mammals, further explanations are offered in this article. Please read on if you are not already completely deterred or read just because you are scared.

3. Suffocation by TAI!

Since the roll out of Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI) for Global Water Grabbing (GWG) to supply water to the fracking industry in 1990s, animals die abruptly, on land in thousands and in the oceans in millions, without reasonable explanation by the politutes and scientiputas!

These “good people” posing as “environmentalists” and “scientists” in front of the TV cameras are crisis actors or just idiots! Please don’t mix them with real scientists and people who really care for the environment with knowledge! Who would like to be treated by “good willing” idiots?

Main reason of mass death is suffocation by oxygen deprivation, as indicated by the rise of CO2 in the lower troposphere. The impact in the oceans is disastrous, but also fauna and flora on land is suffering. In addition to suffocation by reduced photosynthesis, the weakening is also caused by vitaminD deficiency, because of reduced direct sunlight containing UVB.

4. Criminal stupidity!

Sea mammals are also dying by industrial and military SONAR or HYPER-SONAR of geoengineering!

Experts who ignore this reality are not scientists but professional liars and distractors !

Idiotic environmentalists must be cynical, sadists or payed idiots of the lobby-trojans like greenpeace WWF and similar fakes, when they force stranded mammals back to the water, by pretending care taking for the poor animals.

It is like forcing a person, heavily injured by car accident, back on the street, because he came from there! Stupid “rescuers” force dying whales into the sea. Idiots are unable to think about the cause of stranding!

In that case stupidity is a crime or the criminals are pretending to be stupid.

30 Dolphins stranding and incredibly saved! Extremely rare event!

Sea water pollution, radiation are additional dangers!

Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Stranding Found With White Radiated Lungs

Suicide or murder? Iran blames US after 152 dolphins die

“A series of seismic surveys for oil and gas planned for the mid- and southeastern Atlantic coastal areas of the United States pose a substantial threat to one of the world’s most endangered whale species, according to a group of renowned marine mammal scientists urging a halt to the surveys in a statement released today.”

Confirming the military causing the death of wales!

Royal Navy Admits Causing Whale Deaths

“Three 1,000lb bombs detonated underwater by the Royal Navy were to blame for the mass stranding and deaths of a pod of pilot whales on the north coast of Scotland in 2011, it has emerged.
The resulting noise damaged their sensitive hearing and navigational ability, causing confusion amongst the pod, and resulting in them accidentally travelling towards the beach where they ultimately died. “

Military sonar is a contentious issue among environmental and animal rights activists. The sound waves from military-grade sonar, which the navy uses to hunt submarines, cankill or otherwise impair marine mammals that rely on sound to communicate, hunt, and navigate. And Kaulakahi Channel, with its sizable cetacean population and strong military presence, is on the front lines.”

Following is a distraction from real reasons! Yet another proof that NewScientist is not for science but for imperial propaganda!

All you need to know about whale strandings in the UK and Europe
Several whales have been stranded on the coasts of the UK, Germany and the Netherlands this week. Here’s the lowdown

5. Proceedings of the Seismic and Marine Mammals Workshop London 23-25 June 1998

Environmentalism actors of lobby trojans like WWF, Greenpeace and the other rat pack may claim “we don’t know why whales behave that way” but they are part of the crime gang.

In a “workshop” sponsored by the oil and gas drilling industry representatives of “science”, the NGOs and governments “discussed” about the oceanic drilling methods and the impact of “seismic blasting” on mammals, ignoring all the other fauna and flora of the oceans.

However they admit that they don’t have enough information, have not done research, cannot save sea mammals from death and damage, but will go on detonating and drilling for mineral oil explorations.

Quoting from the original document, available here or here!

“The visual senses that many terrestrial mammals rely on are therefore of limited use under water. Sound however, propagates very efficiently through water and marine mammals use sound for
a wide range of tasks, for instance to locate prey, to detect predators, for social interaction such as mating displays and herd cohesion, for long range communication and perhaps even for long range navigation. Many marine mammal species have evolved highly specialised acoustic senses. Although there are interspecific differences in the hearing ranges of marine mammals, all those
studied to date have highly sensitive hearing over a wide frequency range (see Richardson et al. (1995) for a general review of marine mammal hearing).”

“Under certain conditions sound signals may propagate over very large distances. For example, in preliminary trials of acoustic tomography, a series of small (8 kg) TNT charges were detonated off south-west Africa. In air, such detonations might be visible and audible at a few kilometres. In the water, the detonations were clearly detectable, above background levels at Bermuda, more than 9,000 km away. Obviously, such tests are designed to maximise transmission ranges, but other marine operations may inadvertently produce sounds that propagate over large distances.”

“A wide range of human activities generate sound in the water, e.g. general shipping, ice breakers, aircraft, oil and gas drilling and production operations, geophysical surveys, explosions, military and civilian sonars and some oceanographic science studies. Many of these sources will be detectable at long range.”

“This rapid change may have profound implications for marine mammals which evolved in a very different, much quieter acoustic environment.”

“Whether it has an effect will depend on the characteristics of the marine mammal itself, whether it is likely to be within the zone of audibility (Richardson et al. 1995), how it behaves naturally, how it responds to stimuli, whether it is constrained to be in an area, whether its behaviour patterns, its mating system, its hunting strategies are likely to be affected etc. .”

There has been an increase in levels of sound from oil and gas activity in the north-east Atlantic in recent years. One such activity is seismic exploration. The north-east Atlantic is important for a number of marine mammals which use sound for a variety of purposes vital to their existence.

Concerns have therefore been raised by regulators,non-governmental organisations and the general public about the possible impacts of seismic operations on marine mammals. In order to help develop a common understanding of the interactions between seismic operations and marine mammals, a workshop was held in London on 23-25 June 1998. This book originated in working papers developed for this workshop. Just under 100 delegates attended the workshop drawn from across industry, government, academic and NGO communities, and from several countries.”

“The meeting was sponsored by the Atlantic Margin Joint Industry Group (AMJIG), the group of hydrocarbon companies with interests in oil exploration to the north and west of Scotland and the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC), the industry body for seismic exploration contractors. It was endorsed by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, and the UK’s Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). The steering group for the workshop was composed of staff from oil industry, governmental advisors and both governmental and non-governmental scientists.”

“Theoretically sound propagates through water in accordance with certain formulae, however circumstances usually mean than theory is not reflected in reality.”

The effectiveness of these mitigation measures has been little studied.

“The dictionary definition for the word seismic means “of or relating to an earthquake” and indeed it comes from the Greek word seismos meaning an earthquake. In its broad scholarly or teaching sense this is what seismic study is about. It involves earthquake measurement, monitoring and prediction, mostly on a large scale, involving fairly big movements in the earth’s crust. What is measured are the actual energy waves created by the earthquakes and the terrible and destructive effect of these waves close to where the earth’s crust actually moved are familiar to us all.”

“In seismic surveying, geophysicists use the same basic ideas as the earthquake seismologists, but the situation is turned upside down. Instead of waiting for the earthquake, and measuring the energy waves associated with it, waves are mechanically generated and sent into the earth. This energy wave doesn’t just vanish into the earth’s crust. Some of it is reflected back to the surface and the returning waves are detected with sensitive measuring devices that accurately record the strength of the wave and the time it has taken to travel through the various layers in the earth’s crust and back to the surface.”

“One of the most common uses is in the search for hydrocarbon resources, gas and oil, and most commercial seismic surveying is carried out in this energy sector.”

Oil and gas exploration takes place all over the earth’s surface. It can be generally considered as falling into the two main zones:”
1) Onshore or Land Exploration; and
2) Offshore or Marine Exploration
“There is a third zone, which is currently of lesser commercial significance. This is commonly called Shallow Water Exploration, but is also sometimes referred to as Transition Zone Exploration. This involves shallow water areas such as tidal zones, river estuaries or swamplands. Exploration activities in these areas can be very complex.”

“The key elements or areas of a typical marine 3D seismic survey vessel …”
Earthquake Vessels for Fracking!

“It is during the approach to the line start, that environmental protection procedures may be applicable. Depending on the country of operations and the area-specific environmental controls in place, a visual watch for marine mammals from the vessel may be ongoing for at least 30 minutes before the first firing of the airguns. On some surveys, acoustic methods may additionally be utilised to identify the presence of marine mammals within the vicinity of the airgun array. It is only when the crew has been informed that no marine mammals are present that the survey line can proceed with the firing of the airguns.”

“When the line is complete, all systems stop recording. The ship is now in line change mode. The navigator has planned how the vessel should manoeuvre to get into the run in for the next line.

The line change time varies according to the layout of the survey and the configuration of the equipment but is usually between one and three hours.”

“During the changeover period, all the crew involved work quickly to resolve any problems and make modifications or repairs in readiness for the next line. The run in is then started, all equipment is readied, the guns fire and the cycle repeats.”

“Infrequently, technical failures occur and line starts are delayed or lines are terminated early. Operations may also be affected by weather, shipping and oceanographic conditions.”

“In some specialised surveys, this bandwidth can be increased, for example when looking at the shallow surface geology in preparation for siting platforms.”

“Total energy source volumes vary from survey to survey and are designed to provide sufficient seismic energy to illuminate the geological objective of the survey, whilst minimising environmental disturbance.”

“… all seismic in-Round areas are subject to the JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) ‘Guidelines for Minimising Acoustic Disturbance to Marine Mammals’. These Guidelines have been in place, and formed part of licence conditions, since 1995. The current version of the Guidelines includes the following summarised points:”

1) Before starting a survey line, operators and observers should carefully make a visual check to see if there are any cetaceans within 500 m of the airguns. If cetaceans are present, the start of the survey should be delayed until the animals have moved away, allowing adequate time after the last sighting (30 minutes) for the animals to move well out of range. Hydrophones may also be useful in determining when cetaceans have moved out of range i.e. when they can no longer be heard.”

2) Power should be built up slowly from a low energy start-up over 30 mins, to give adequate time for cetaceans to leave the vicinity.”

3) Throughout the survey, the lowest practicable energy levels should be used.”

4) Details of watches and marine mammal sightings should be recorded using standardised forms.”

“All seismic acquisition contractors have agreed to conduct survey operations in the UK in accordance with these guidelines and have employed marine mammal observers on their vessels. The JNCC have reported that the data that has been gathered from seismic vessels in the Atlantic margin in recent years has added significantly to their knowledge of cetacean population distributions in the area.”

“The rate of progress for a seismic survey is constrained by many factors but the most dominant is usually the weather. Other issues that affect the duration of a specific survey are:”

  • Survey location
  • Time of year
  • Survey size, particularly sail line length
  • Technical acquisition parameters
  • Vessel configuration
  • Line orientation and prevailing current direction
  • Fishing and shipping activity in the survey area
  • Other seismic operations
  • Marine mammal activity
  • Drilling and subsea equipment maintenance
  • Technical equipment downtime

“The net effect of all of these factors is to limit the time actually spent acquiring seismic data to just 35-40% of the available time.”

“A survey vessel typically operates at a tow speed of between 4.5 and 5.0 knots (approximately 9 kms/hr). At this rate, the survey vessel could conceivably cover some 216 kms in a day and almost 6,500 kms in one month. As survey dimensions are not usually as great as 200 kms, the vessel must turn at the end of each line before starting the next, the 3D ‘racetrack’.”

“With seismic streamers as long as 6,000 m being towed behind the vessel, and with as many as 16 streamers being towed simultaneously, the time taken to change direction, so called line change time, is of the order of 3 hrs or more, which is significant. For a survey with a 45 km line length, which is fairly long even by today’s standards, the line acquisition time of 5 hrs is then followed by a line change of 3 hrs or 60% of the acquisition time. It thus follows that when a vessel acquires more than 100 traverse kms in a single day, it is considered very productive.

“For a survey with a shallow depth of target, the need to record high frequencies, up to 100 Hz, necessitates the use of shallow tow depths for the streamer. This increases the effect of wave noise, thus rendering the operation more prone to weather downtime. If the survey objective were deeper, then deeper streamer depths could be used and the productivity of the operation would improve.”

“Marine mammal activity can also delay the start of a line, in accordance with the JNCC Guidelines. However as a result of careful planning, this has not been a significant factor to date.”

“The dominant frequencies of seismic sound sources overlap directly those used by baleen whales (10 Hz-1 kHz) for obtaining information about their environment and communicating with one another. Information on the behavioural effects of seismic testing is limited almost exclusively to two species: the bowhead whale in the Beaufort Sea and the grey whale off the Californian coast.”

Unfortunately, for no baleen whale species is there is a direct measure of hearing sensitivity, and the overlap in frequencies has to be inferred from the range of sound frequencies used by a particular species. The greatest amount of energy emitted from a seismic airgun is in the frequency band 20-160 Hz. Bowhead whales produce sounds mainly over the range 25 Hz to 400 Hz. Blue and fin whales operate generally at the lower end of these frequencies, i.e. 10-60 Hz. We might therefore expect to see species differences among baleen whales in the extent to which they respond to seismic activities. Research on the rorqual whales (such as blue, fin and minke whale) is badly needed to elucidate this.”

“The hearing of odontocetes (porpoises, dolphins and toothed whales) is most sensitive over the frequency range 10-150 kHz, i.e. around one hundred times higher than the frequencies of baleen whales, and outside the peak energy range of seismic airguns. One might therefore predict that they would be much less susceptible to seismic sound than baleen whales. On the other hand, airgun arrays can also produce significant sound at frequencies ranging from 1-20 kHz, and those frequencies would certainly overlap with the hearing range of odontocetes, and at short istances particularly mask their ability to communicate with one another. Insufficient studies have been carried out to determine the significance of seismic sound for odontocetes, but acoustic and visual surveys in the Irish Sea showed temporary displacement for small cetacean populations.”

“Behavioural reactions of cetaceans to loud sounds have included cessation of feeding, resting, or social interaction; changes in surfacing, respiration and diving cycles; and direct avoidance by diving and/or swimming away. However, the significance of these short-term responses to the overall well-being of an individual or population in the longer term remains unknown.”

“Direct physical damage to the ear has been implicated recently from post-mortem examination of humpback whales exposed to loud noises. However, in the case of seismic airguns this is likely to be a problem only at very short distances, in the order of low hundreds of metres (or received sound levels around 220 dB).”

“For at least some baleen whale species, the zone of influence (in terms of eliciting behavioural avoidance) of a typical seismic airgun array may be predicted to span distances ranging from c. 2.5 to 8 km. This assumes that sound is propagated according to the law of spherical spreading, which may be reasonable at those ranges. However, in many circumstances, sound transmission loss may not mirror classical laws of spherical or cylindrical spreading because of reflection from the water surface and the sea bed, and scattering or absorption with planktonic organisms in the water column.”

“Those measurements should be conducted in the particular area where the seismic survey is taking place, rather than extrapolated from one region to another, since topographic and oceanographic differences between areas may be important.”

“There are four ways in which the effects of seismic sound upon cetaceans could be minimised:”

1) Seismic surveys could be confined to those seasons where cetaceans are known to be at low abundance in the area;”

2) Airgun detonation might only be undertaken once the survey area had been searched for cetaceans and none detected;”

3) Power from seismic equipment may be built up slowly (e.g. by starting with the smallest airgun in the array and gradually adding in others over a period of 20-30 mins);”

4) Sound levels are kept to the lowest practicable level.”

“However, each of these aspects has a number of practical problems mitigating against their effective operation. First, different species of cetaceans occupy particular areas at different seasons so that choosing a specific period for seismic surveys may still affect some species. In this instance it will be necessary to reach some compromise, giving priority to those species with vulnerable conservation status and/or most sensitive to the dominant sound frequencies and hence most likely to be affected by them.”

“Second, effective surveying of an area for marine mammals before starting seismic activities is not necessarily practical. Some species such as beaked whales tend only to be detected visually in calm weather, whilst if the animals are silent, they will also not be detected acoustically. Some species may also vocalise mainly at particular times of year in association with specific behaviour patterns.”

“Third, although by gradual build-up of sound it is possible to give animals the opportunity to move away from the sound source, there remains the danger that they could habituate to the sounds and remain in the area if it was important for feeding or some other important activity.”

“Finally, even if seismic surveys use the lowest practicable sound levels, those studies that have been undertaken to date indicate that behavioural avoidance by baleen whales occurs at levels of 160-170 dB which may affect animals anywhere from 0.5 to 8 km distance away (Table 5.1, from Evans & Nice 1996). There will rarely be occasions that seismic surveys can take place without affecting at least some individuals.”

“The key question is whether any such negative effects will actually lead to changes in life history parameters such as survival or reproductive rates that might result in population decline.”

Distraction by fake sciences, fake media, fake heroes and wrong solutions! Part 1


  1. Always a spatial distraction
  2. Some words on Wilhelm Reich
  3. Chembuster scam
  4. Orgonists gable with risk
  5. Distraction by fake media and fake heroes
  6. Distraction as main tool of fraud
  7. Pseudo-Scientific scam
  8. Distraction for exploitation

1. Always a spatial distraction

Whenever something has to be hidden from mind, it has also to be hidden from eyes.

If the distraction is well done, the eyes won’t see even if it is visible in plain sight, what is hidden from mind.

The method of distraction is also self applied by people under existential fear and isolation. Fear and hope are packed into a psychological construction and projected far away. This is the main concept of split personality, which is basically a method of survival under very dire conditions.

The infamous MKULTRA program of the CIA is build on that, where the method of trauma based mind control is applied. However, mind control doesn’t express it good enough, as it is about control of the personal identity or the creation of many personalities within one mind. Each personality is activated or deactivated with specific signals. So we are talking about psycho-technical creation of multi-personality.

Distraction always means taking the attention of the victim to the opposite or another direction, away from the crime scene.

When something bad is done in the valley, the fraudster has to distract to the mountain and vice versa.

When some crime is ongoing in the in the west, the fraudster will distract to the east, north, south or elsewhere.

When the crime scene is on the ocean surface, the fraudster will distract to the deep or to the sky.

When it is done in the sky the fraudster has to show into the space and invent some dangers totally disassociated from Earth.

How effective the spatial distraction works, can be studied by the following youtube video, where the youtuber honestly tries to explain how the storms are artificially formed. He is correct about the thermal mechanism, but distracted by the idea of ionospheric heaters, he cannot imagine that such a systems doesn’t need to heat the Ionosphere, before heating the Troposphere. He doesn’t connect all dots and understand that the sprayed dust and the aerosol droplets, build by water bonding on them, could be heated, ionized and steered. If he would use the notion of troposheric heater, it could break his distraction.

I could give many examples like that, but what needs to be understood is, that the distraction of mind is always accompanied by spatial distraction. Whatever we may think or imagine, we do it in a three dimensional space. By the way, this method is the essence of the magic of an illusionist (magician).

As the main geoengineering activity is done within the toposphere, mainly the upper part of it, the distraction efforts direct to the stratosphere which is the next layer of atmosphere, bu also to the space.

That does not mean, that they don’t touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone from stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation for evaporation and lifting of  more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers! More explanation about that can be found in following articles.

In German: End of (organic-) agriculture! Not globalwarming but cooling of the Stratosphere and warming of Troposphere by SRM!

Ozone Layer fear mongering!

During my efforts to explain geoengineering I very often get in touch with many people who want to talk about “the reptilian race”, the illuminati, Nibiru (planet X), Venus-Syndrome, space fence, UFOs, FlathEarth, HollowEarth, Veganism and very often about Orgonism.

In German: Cosmological complexity against the FlatEarth of flattened minds!

in German: Anthorposophy Nibiru Orgonism PlanetX PolShift, FlatEarth HollowEarth Veganism and other lies of Distraction!

Disregarding the other idiocies which are also used to distract from ongoing geoengineering, the most successful method seems to be the sect like movement, which refers itself to Wilhelm Reich.



2. Some words on Wilhelm Reich

In former times great kings of Egypt, Iran and elsewhere had to proceed a ritual every day in the morning. The priests made the king and the people believe, that if the king would not conduct this ritual, the Sun would not rise that day! The same applies when the Orgonists get happy by believing in the influence of their gadgets, stones etc.

The idea of ​​Orgon comes from Wilhelm Reich. He coined this term for energy without being able to establish it. The work of Wilhelm Reich should be respected! He was a pioneer in research about electromagnetic waves and radioactivity. When he overstated something, this can be apologized, as nobody is perfect.

With his limited resources Wilhelm Reich made some research, without ever fully understanding the nature of energy. When he further went on to question the dangers of radioactivity, he was unceremoniously knocked out, because at that time the nuclear warfare was in development and already used over Japan and negative insights were not desirable.

What he probably tried, was to align radiation with his antennas on clouds and influence the relative humidity of the radiated area. But the US military was already researching and using technology on weather warfare and did not need and could not allow any fumbling by Wilhelm Reich.

His work was not good and complete enough to deserve any attention. His testing the effect of radioactivity on humans, without having real knowledge about it and guessing and distraction by inventing fantastic notions like “life energy”, “oranur” or whatever, were bad and criminal enough to stop, convict and jail him.

Orgonists, please don’t try to propagate anything about the “inventions” of Wilhelm Reich. I an not referring to him to promote anything he said or did. To be clear here, I am not interested in the terminology and assumed findings of Wilhelm Reich. For me Wilhelm Reich as a person and researcher is totally irrelevant. I am referring to him, only because one of the distraction schemes of climate control propaganda is conducted by abusing his name.

Dear readers, if You are believers of Orgonism, followers of Wilhelm Reich and want to propagate Your knowledge about his work, please don’t do it here. Comment only to my topic, else You are not welcomed and don’t be surprised when Your comments are prevented or deleted. I won’t allow anyone to hijack my article by trashing the comment area. Be assured I won’t be friendly and tolerant to Orgonists. This article is not for Orgonists but for warning other people against them.

3. Chembuster scam

Chembusters are nonsense and have nothing to do with the research of Wilhelm Reich. It is possible to change the relative humidity of a pure cloud, dissolve the condensation for a moment, but chemtrails don’t consist of pure water, they are aerosol clouds.

Aerosol clouds have always a different chemical component, bonding with water. This material could be fly ash, sulfur or any other chemical trash as fine dust.

Chemtrails are made with coal ash & other industrial trash, used as desublimation nuclei!

If an existing dirty aerosol cloud would be heated by any radiation, first water would be partially solved from the dust material. Thereby, this area would become transparent for a short time. The steam would rise slightly upwards, but as soon as the temperature has cooled down, the humidity would bind to the dust and aerosol clouds would become visible again.

Desublimation Condensation Chemtrails

Radiation with high frequent energy is anyway used to trim these aerosol clouds by the operators of geoengineering. The toy antennas of Orgonists are not required and they could not deliver the required power. If chemical dust is there, the moisture will bond on the dust particles in the evening when the sun is gone.

Heating the aerosol blankets to trim, distribute and lift the water is one of the applications of climate control and easy to observe with the naked eye. The following article describes the application in more detail.

HAARP as trimming tool of tropospheric SRM!

The resulting wave structures that can not be overlooked are simply dubbed as “gravitational waves” by the propaganda, just because they are created vertically!

The misuse of this term is a distraction into the space, because it stands for the speculative assumption about waves by violent vibrations in space, caused by huge solar explosions.

Particulate matter is sprayed to produce aerosol clouds and artificial cirrus clouds, thereby steering water within the troposphere. The droplets of the aerosol clouds are more stable and easier to ionize, especially if the fine dust material contains metals.

The movement of water vapor in the upper troposphere is dynamic. There are no fixed riverbeds or anything like that. Some areas are not sprayed for days and weeks depending on the season and the dynamics of the air-water masses. Other areas will be filled even more. If their section of the sky is free for hours or days, the Orgonists claim that it was done by a little vinegar put on their windowsill. The believers of Orgonism are mentally poor people, personally pitiable.

Is it now clear why I consider Orgonism as nonsense?

Better said, it’s a scam, made for mentally careless people. It has nothing in common with the work of Wilhelm Reich and is more likely a distortion and perversion of his decent, incomplete efforts. Spreading this scam is posthumous abuse of his name and even the distributors of the scam are deceived, because they don’t know what they are talking about.

Dear readers, please think about the analogy of saltwater.

If all the water have been evaporated, would the salt disappear?

The absurdity of the Orgonism is that they are so naive to believe that they could “fight” deliberately applied particulate matter with “orgon radiation”, homemade colored stones, copper tubes, and vinegar. The lack of knowledge proves that it is a hoax for people with low knowledge and no ability to think.

As soon as anyone intrudes with Orgonist propaganda at a discussion on geoengineering, weather warfare, and climate control, you should know that, knowingly or out of naivety and ignorance, an attempt is being made to distract the subject. I do not allow these distractions in my conversations! Please prevent this either. Otherwise we will not progress with the awakening against climate control.

What are mammatus clouds? Inverted convection! Sign of geophysical warfare!

Mammati are artificially triggered aerosol clouds.
They are one of the faces of geophysical warfare by methods of climate control!
Open your mind by closing all your knowledge gaps!
Your are attacked, poisoned and deprived of sunlight, water, oxygen & food!

Continue reading What are mammatus clouds? Inverted convection! Sign of geophysical warfare!