Why Iran needs the atom-bombs? Not for war or deterrence, but for FRACKING!

Qatar, UK, USA are plundering Iranian gas reserves in South Pars field.
Iran can’t have independent gas and oil fracking without nuclear technology.
Iran is attacked by Geophysical Warfare methods at least since 1991!
Iranian water is stolen by Climate Control methods before reaching its airspace.


  1. Preface
  2. No deterrence by atom bombs!
  3. Iran also needs natural gas!
  4. Iran needs the atom technology!
  5. Robbery of water!
  6. Invisible by NLP
  7. Conclusion


1. Preface

There is an endless dispute about Iran to build its own atom industry, where Iran as a member of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), is declaring that it is only seeking the civil use of nuclear technology. Though the same infrastructure could be used for military or civil purposes, it is assumed that Iran would switch over and become a military nuclear power, with or without being considered as such.

The foundation of the nuclear technology are highly efficient centrifuges, which are used to sort the Uran-Hexa-Floride (UHF) molecules to enrich the fissile Uran-235 for electric power plants or atom bombs.

Enriched Uranium

Heated Gas Centrifuge: 235UF6 pale blue, 238UF6 dark blue
Cascade of Gas Centrifuges for Enrichment of Uranium

I don’t want to delve into the details of atom technology, as all required knowledge is freely available elsewhere. It is about a shaking discovery for Iran.


2. No deterrence by atom bombs!

The whole world is aware, that Iran has a nuclear research and development program and without interference of big powers, could already establish the full industrial production process for civil and military nuclear technology, but is not doing this. Instead Iran is seeking to have an agreement for full acceptance of its civil nuclear program.

Like Israel, Pakistan, India or North Korea, Iran could just ignore the whining of the world powers, if it was only about nuclear deterrence. Iran has a very highly sophisticated and standardized rocket technology and could arm them with nuclear war heads.

For regional conflicts Iran doesn’t need any atom bomb. Neither the Saudis nor any other county is able to challenge Iran militarily. Aside from the amount of soldiers, tanks, fighter jets and rockets, all these countries depend on the smooth production and trade of petrol and natural gas, much more than Iran.

Iran has a very diverse nature, water catching and storing mountains and shores to Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. Most Arab countries have only salty sea water and desert. Sweet water is scarce there under natural conditions. Particularly Saudi Arabia as the biggest oil country, is geographically more enclosed, dependent and vulnerable.

During a military conflict Iran could close the Strait of Hormuz and even the entry to the Red Sea on the way to Suez Channel, to crumble the economies of the potential enemies shortly. In addition to the long range rockets, Iran has also a humble but highly efficient navy.

Although it is from 2011, I would like to recommend the following German article for research.

Is Iran able to dominate the region with its navy?
20.12.2011 W. Jonathan Rue

It is different with the Iranian Navy. It is the best organized, best trained and best equipped branch of the conventional forces of the country. More than a nuclear arms program, which probably would serve passive deterrence, the Iranian Navy is a lively part of the Iranian foreign policy.

Iranian Navy currently consists of two parts: The Navy of the Islamic Republic (IRIN) and the most praised Navy of he Revolutionary Guards (IRGCN). The realm of responsibility of both grows since 2007.


3. Iran also needs natural gas!

The economy of Iran is mainly based on petrol and also the share of natural gas is growing. Under the pressure of sanctions the Iranian petrochemical industry is producing more derivative products. However, this represents a structural weakness of Iran that can only grow under external pressure!

Iran seeks strategic development of its petrochemical industry
02 November 2017 03:43 Source:ICIS Chemical Business

After over a decade of heavy international sanctions, Iran’s petrochemical industry is trying to recover from its losses and regain its position as an important competitor in the global arena. Iran has an ambitious new plan to heavily invest in the industry and increase production capacity from 64.1m tonnes/year in 2015 to 130m tonnes/year by 2025. The important question is: What are the value-added products that can do most to help the country reach this goal?

The world’s biggest gas field lies between Qatar and Iran — and the race is on
20 JULY 2017 – 19:00 ROBIN M MILLS

Iran discovers new shale gas reserves
News ID: 3866521 – Mon 2 January 2017 – 19:34

Petroleum industry in Iran

With its output intended for both export and domestic consumption, South Pars is expected to reach full production in 2015. However, delays and lower production in the Iranian side due to sanctions is resulting in migration of gas to the Qatari part and a loss for Iran.

Is Qatar plundering Iran’s share in the South Pars joint gas field?
06/19/14, By Bahman Aghai Diba, PhD international law of the Sea

The South Pars gas field, which is the largest single gas field in the world, is a joint gas field in the Persian Gulf in the borders of Iran and Qatar. While Qatar has succeeded to use these resources in the line of achieving the highest per capita income in the world, Iran had hardly been able to do anything other than supplying gas to its own domestic consumers in subsidized prices. The main obstacle for Iran in developing these resources is the sanctions imposed by the UN, US and EU on Iran, especially on the oil and gas sector. Iran is in serious need of technology and investment to reach its set goals in exploitation of these resources. However, at the moment, some persons in and out of Iran are warning that Qatar may be using the joint resources in a way that Iran’s share is depleted. Also, there is an important point here: is Qatar under any obligation to cooperate with Iran for using this common deposit?

The author asks some hitting questions and makes some right conclusions, but he misses yet the whole picture. I will extend the questions and gladly give according answers to close the gaps.

How can Qatar plunder the gas share of Iran?

The natural gas is under high pressure and flows into the direction of least resistance. When the gas flow on the Qatari side is enabled and the Iranian side is yet closed, than all the gas flows to the Qatari side.

In addition to that, the drilling from Qatari side can be continued in the underground to the Iranian side, that all the reserves could be emptied, before Iran starts own production. The drilling can be deliberately steered and extended.

Which technology is missing in Iran to exploits its gas field independently?

For sure it is not the drilling technology, because Iran masters this!

Iran conducts 43-km of directional drilling at oil, gas fields
6 October 2017 11:14 (UTC+04:00)

Where is the advantage of the USA to always sanction Iran?

As long as the USA, Israel and England can prevent Iran from producing its gas independently the imperial petrol, gas and finance (Petrodollar) corporations which operate on the Qatari side, can completely control and plunder and make huge profits for these reserves.


4. Iran needs the atom technology!

Why the USA, Israel and EU clung on withholding atom technology from Iran?

 But what kind of an agreement?

Why is it for Iran so important to have civil nuclear technology?

Why Iran doesn’t continue the development, if it would only be about military use?

Before shooting and pressuring water into the layer like shown in the above animation, the rock formation needs to be loosened by a row of nuclear detonations. Without that it doesn’t run so smoothly and the yield wouldn’t be profitable. The detonation power of the nuclear devices depends on the hardness of the rock, the depth of the reserves and the regulations of PNE (Peaceful Nuclear Explosions) Treaty.

Peaceful nuclear explosion

Peaceful nuclear explosions (PNEs) are nuclear explosions conducted for non-military purposes, such as activities related to economic development including the creation of canals. During the 1960s and 1970s, both the United States and the Soviet Union conducted a number of PNEs

In the PNE Treaty, the signatories agreed: not to carry out any individual nuclear explosions having a yield exceeding 150 kilotons; not to carry out any group explosion (consisting of a number of individual explosions) having an aggregate yield exceeding 1,500 kilotons; and not to carry out any group explosion having an aggregate yield exceeding 150 kilotons unless the individual explosions in the group could be identified and measured by agreed verification procedures. The parties also reaffirmed their obligations to comply fully with the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963

The key for understanding the context and answering all questions is in Nuclear Fracking! The code word for that is “non-conventional fracking.

Dear readers, I want to invite You to look at the following documentary film, whose transcript of the subtitles is put into an according article. Also a German version of the article and the film with German subtitles is available. So if interested people would translate the text into any other language like Spanish, Hindi (Urdu), Arabic, Persian, Russian etc., even would like to integrate it into the film on Youtube go on with that.

If You need to make Your own edited copy of the film, please ask PERISCOPE FILM LLC or contact me, as I am in contact with the company and have the approval to do so. Periscope Film would like to know about the publication sites of its films and doesn’t approve to cutting out of any part of the film. It has to be kept as it is, except the editing of subtitles.


This propaganda film was ordered by the El Paso Natural Gas Company and should document and show the success of Nuclear Fracking for natural gas production.

The documentary explains the limits of conventional fracking with NitroglycerinTNT and use of pressurized water only. Hint is given about the Nuclear Fracking as the only choice for tight rock formations and the improvement of the yield of conventional reserves.


5. Robbery of water!

At least since the speech of former President Ahmadinejad about theft of rain bearing clouds, there is a smoldering discussion in Iran, if that would be possible. Most of the Iranians follow the imperial propaganda and don’t perceive the importance of his statements.

In the (a)social networks some Iranians ask, if the unusual weather catastrophes in Iran are somehow connected to control on clouds by foreign powers. Sadly yet again, the ones who should know it best are the most mentally blinded, namely the meteorologist, climatologist and other academics of Iran.

Even the Zionist prime minister of disaster, Mr. Netanyahu is jeering at the Iranians, by offering them a helping “solution”.

Netanyahu offers Israeli water tech to Iran
In English video, PM says he wants to help the Iranian people solve their water crisis despite the regime’s cries of ‘Death to Israel’
By TOI STAFF, 10 June 2018, 5:00 pm

Did Israel steal Iran’s clouds? Tehran looks for source of ‘suspicious’ climate change
Published time: 3 Jul, 2018 11:19, Edited time: 4 Jul, 2018 09:05

It is cheap to make fun of a daredevil like Mr. Ahmadinejad or the chairman of the Civil Defense Organization Gholamreza Jalali. They both are not “studied meteorologists and climatologists”, but these men are brave and have the right perception. Where will the highly dumbified academics of Iran hide, when they recognize that they are feeding the enemies of their country and that they are the biggest idiots? In the age of Geophysical Warfare, complete knowledge of meteorology and climatology is crucial for life and death.

Snow Job: Iran Accuses Its Enemies Of ‘Stealing Clouds’ To Create Drought
07/03/18 By Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE/RL

For all Iranians and all the other people, it is worth reading the key document about the beginning of Geophysical Warfare by Climate Control many times.

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

It is also rewarding to use a freely available satellite service like zoom.earth or  Maps.Google.com, to observe the commercial use of the water cycle.

Coordinates of water theft!

And also the examples of water delivery!

Auxiliary spillway? Arabian soil washed away!

ELEPHANT in the room is SRM for water theft! Extreme weather!

How is this done?

Please study the knowledge in the offered articles. From there many other articles are linked, dealing with many aspects of Climate Control and answering all potential questions. I don’t want to blow up this article with too much details.

Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (Chemtrails) Desublimation Condensation


6. Invisible by NLP

Iranian officials don’t use the word “atom” or “nuclear“, when they talk about gas production. The notion of nuclear and atom is either not used by the USA since the 1970s, when all about atom became non-popular anymore. So they use cover words like “unconventional“.

Seismic survey” cover word for the detonation scheme, which can cause deadly earthquakes.

Iran wants to follow the same brainwashing method, because Iranian people either don’t like this technology and fear its dangers.

Read it by replacing “unconventional” or “advanced technology” with “atom device” or “atom bomb” and “seismic survey” with “atomic detonation scheme“!

More Shale Oil Discovered in Iran

The National Iranian Oil Company has brought into focus exploration of non-conventional hydrocarbon reserves in the current Iranian year (began March 21). The NIOC, however, lacks advanced technology to conduct seismic survey for shale exploration, and thus, negotiations were held on transfer of technology by European companies.

When the nuclear technology became less popular, particularly in Germany and all Europe, it was in US geopolitical interest to push this sentiments there. It became clear that a method bearing deadly risks like earthquakes and radioactive contamination wasn’t publicly acceptable anymore.

One target was to prevent a nuclear powerful Germany. So the “green movement” was founded there.

Ugly face of the Greens! The pedophile and ClimateControl agenda of the Greens.

The use of nuclear technology should be given up by the Germans, but all former allies against Germany expanded their military and civil nuclear assets.

Commonly the language was changed. As the nuclear detonations for fracking were no more “atom tests”, but in industrial use, they declared that the atom tests have been “stopped“. 🙂

The wording was changed to “non-conventional” and similar.

This is applied social NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by just changing words to make things invisible.

Neuro Linguistic Programming!


7. Conclusion

So there is no doubt, that the gas and oil boom wouldn’t be possible without Nuclear Fracking. To take part in this and to prevent the plundering of own reserves, Iran has to have full access to the Atom Technology and the development of a complete civil Atom Industry, where the atom powers get assurance, that Iran doesn’t seek the military use and will follow the rules of Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and the PNE Treaty, which it would sign.

There is either no doubt about the attack on Iran by Geophysical Warfare since the 1990s. The impact is interpreted as “bad weather“, “rare extreme weather“, “natural catastorphe“, “thunderstorm-asthma” and as the impact of “globalwarming” and “climate change“.

Iran under attack with SRM methods over Caucasus & Caspian Sea!

The reason the Iranian politicians don’t talk about it openly and use the cover notions of their enemies and submit themselves to their propaganda may be one of their “state secrets“.

Possibly because they are aware that the application of Nuclear Fracking bears risks. It always triggers earthquakes, which can become very deadly and damaging and sometimes, when the detonation is under the sea bed, lead to tsunamis with more death and damage.

It is cheaper for all politicians, also the Iranians, to keep the fracking death and damage without compensation by branding it as “natural“.

Earthquake’s for fracking gas & petrol by nuclear demolition of deep rocks in Haiti!

Fracking Colonialism! Vulcanism by Fracking!

By the way, the same conclusion about fracking applies also for Turkey, Greece and other countries with frackable gas and oil reserves!

Time to wake up!

Iran ready to exchange nuclear know-how with Persian Gulf countries: Salehi
Sun Nov 10, 2019 03:27PM

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi says the Islamic Republic is ready to exchange with the Persian Gulf countries its experience with regard to developing nuclear technology and cooperate with them.

Noting that one of the main issues facing the Persian Gulf states in their efforts to build nuclear power plants is local contractors, Salehi said, “With regard to the Persian Gulf littoral states, which have adopted a new approach to the use of nuclear technology, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for scientific cooperation and transfer of experiences” to those countries.

He noted that the construction of every power plant requires five billion dollars, saying, “The total revenue earned during the useful life of this power plant will amount to 660 billion dollars. As a result, the cost [of building the power plant] will be returned in a matter of six years and the remaining revenue will be added value.”

There Would Be No Iranian Nuclear Talks If Not for Fracking
By Matthew Phillips, November 9, 2013, 12:26 AM GMT+1

Lost in some of the forecasting over what an agreement may eventually entail is the simple fact that none of this would be possible without the U.S. oil boom. Over the last two years, the U.S. has increased its crude production by about 2 million barrels a day. That’s like swallowing Norway, the fourteenth largest oil producer in the world. This new U.S. crude supply has allowed the West to put the squeeze on Iran without disrupting the global market or jacking up the price.

According to a recent report from the Congressional Research Service (pdf), Iran’s oil exports have been cut in half since 2011, from 2.5 million barrels per day to a bit more than 1 million today. As a result, Iran has had to halt an equal amount of production.

There Would Be No Iranian Nuclear Talks If Not for Fracking
Economic sanctions have lowered Iran’s oil production by more than 1 million barrels per day since 2011 DATA: BLOOMBERG
The fact that this has all happened without the slightest disruption felt in the oil market is extraordinary.

“I think it’s pretty clear that without the U.S. shale revolution, it never would have been possible to put this kind of embargo on Iran,” says Julius Walker, a global energy market strategist with UBS Securities. “Without U.S. production gains, I think we’d be looking at $150 a barrel,” says Walker. Instead, international prices have hovered around $110, and are less than $100 in the U.S.

Oil exports typically fund roughly half of Iran’s government spending, so shutting them out from most of the world has been devastating. Although it’s hard to get clear data out of Iran, there is plenty of evidence that the pain has been severe. Inflation in Iran is thought to be running around 50 percent, and unemployment is around 20 percent. While the rest of the world is coming out of recession, the sanctions have pushed Iran back into one. Its economy shrank in 2012 and is expected to shrink again in 2013.


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